Area-Six is Back! olymp trade review india

The UK's premier FWD Ford engine builders and custom component supplier have re-opened their doors.

Our product range is expanding to supply more mainstream products from the Premier suppliers at the most competitive prices.

This site is under development and will be continually updated over the next few months, so please return regularly.

Please use the Email link for any contact with us.

Area-Six was founded in April 2003 to replace ‘Fiesta Frenzy Motorsport’ who have catered specifically for the Ford RS Turbo market since 1995 olymp trade south Africa. As Fiesta Frenzy has become known as one of the major players in the RS Turbo tuning market they have now chosen to offer a mail order facility for existing customers and new alike, whilst catering for the new generation of faster Fords.

The products offered are primarily focused on performance, to ensure that the right product is sold to the right customer. Engine conversions are still available and will continue to be our prime function. Our services are tailored to your demands and expectations, whether for your daily driver or for your hard charging drag motor broker.